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Harry lives! I'm so happy! I've been a big supporter of that theory.
Although he also died. I've heard it's been a big debate for people who've bet on it.

Also, when Harry and voldemort are knocked unconcious you notice that they get up at the same time. When he was at King's Cross, the whole time i was wonder, who was the injured wierd child crouching in the corner. And when it said they woke up at the same time, you knew it was Voldemort.

Neville story was so cool! I loved the fact that he sort of started out as this outkast, and not having the approval of his grandmother, to being this brave boy, and a brilliant fighter, and having the approval of his grandmother, who's so proud. I mean, i remember this point somewhere in the whole story, where Mcgonnagal(sp?) told Neville that his grandmother should learn to accept the grandson she has, and while that's true, it was just toteally awesome to see him have his own little story. I was just dissapointed to see that he didn't kill Bellatrix, and avenge his parents. She was killed by Mrs. Weasley, which i was majorly suprised though.

Also, Harry is sort of like a Sirius to Teddy Tonks isn't he? I mean, his parents die, and before they do, Remus asked Harry to be the godfather. I was just so sad that Tonks and Remus had to go! This book was just a blood bath! But it's a war.

I had a few dissapointments (where's the explanations for the department of mysteries? the veil?), but overall i thought this book was just amaing!
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