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Bah Humbug


Ridiculous- Snape turns out to be a traitor, that mudblood Granger survives, as do most of those Blood traitors of the Weasley clan, and the Dark Lord seems to be vanquished- for now.

Lucius turned out to be an incompetent buffoon, much as I had feared, and as for that snivelling, useless waste of space that is his son, well- the less said the better.

As if there hadn't been enough opportunities to rid the wizarding community of that horrid, pesky little Potter boy. The boy who lived? Oh please, he did not defeat the Dark Lord, he was merely lucky that he had inadvertently been turned into a Horcrux.

However, all is not lost; while the Dark Lord was immensely powerful, he was not the first to have the right idea about wizarding superiority, and he certainly won't be the last. Even Dumbledore had the right idea once, while still allied to Grindelwald, before he was befuddled by his muggle-loving ways and strayed from the true path.

For the Greater Good!

Richard, Slytherin
Certainly for the greater good of the wizarding community! Why should we have to hide our presence from those weaklings who know nothing?

We shall return more powerful than before, and shall then rid our society of mudbloods, muggle-lovers and their kind!
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