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This is a sorting RPG that allows you to actually participate in the Hogwarts life. You really can become a teacher or student, earn your house points for good deeds, and get points deducted for misbehaving. You can play Quidditch, be a prefect, write a paper, win the Quidditch cup, or even the House Cup! The Headmistresses saucywench82 and thecatgoesmoo welcome you to be sorted and become a student at our Real Hogwarts!

Please fill out the sorting application below to be sorted. After enough current members have voted on where to place you, you will be stamped into your house!
Please be DESCRIPTIVE and answer each question throughly! Do not give one word answers or even just one sentince answers, you cannot tell us about yourself in just a few words! Also, please use full sentinces and real words; we arent nit-picky about grammar, but we do want to be able to read and understand what you have to say.

After being sorted you will need to join your new house common room!

Gryffindor gryfcommon
Head of House:: thecatgoesmoo
Prefect:: saucywench82
Head girl:: loveronweasley

Ravenclaw ravencommon
Head of House:: alluringboon
Prefect:: crushedmidnight
Head girl:: position open

Hufflepuff huffpuffroom
Head of House:: position open
Prefect:: hufflepuff61626
Head girl:: position open

Slytherin slytherinroom
Head of House:: football_girl
Prefect:: shessodown
Head girl:: position open

Please join some classes or your house Quidditch team to earn your new house some points!

Astrology-astrologyclass Taught by: coffee_nutz
Care of Magical Creatures (COMC)-hogwarts_comc Taught by: football_girl
History of Magic (HOM)-historymagic Taught by: annoy_anonymous
Potions-potions_dungeon Taught by: football_girl
Charms-hogwarts_charms Taught by: briton_k
Divination-real_divination Taught by: saucywench82
Herbology-real_herbology In need of a Professor
COMING SOON: Defense Against the Dark Arts to be taught by football_girl

hogwartsclass is a place for update alerts, deadline alerts, and general class news. All class specific information will be found in the individual class community.

The 6 games in the Hogwarts season usually take place in a set sequence:
Gryffindor vs Slytherin (held in early November)
Hufflepuff vs Ravenclaw (held in early December)
Ravenclaw vs Slytherin (held in late January)
Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff (held in early February)
Hufflepuff vs Slytherin (held in early March)
Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw (held in early April)

Please check it out before the season starts!
The current Quidditch Cup holders are: Slytherin!
real_quidditch Quidditch Mistress: endless_abyss

magic_challenge - Similar to Quidditch, but less structured and anyone can participate! Challenges range from fiction, trivia, fan-art and anything else you can think of!

To see the current house points, post promotion claims or just see how many points you earned for the most recent homework assignment please visit hogwartscup!

_the_great_hall -A place where you can socialize with your classmates, and you can also find the monthly prophet there, and update letter every month about the community.


All Graphics, Layouts and Info pages are done by briton_k SO DONT STEAL just ask

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